Beijing, China Visit

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    Our Prof. Dr. S. Nagendran who is Chairman of Indian Holistic Medical Academy visited Beijing, China by accepting the invitation from Mr. Zhao who is The Director of Beijing Huaxia.

The Beijing Huaxia Chinese Medicine Development Foundation conducted the CHINA MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF MINORITIES from Dec.18-20, 2015 in Beijing.


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I am Prof. Dr. Sir. S. Nagendran for the past 35 years servicing as Homeo and acupuncture medical consultant and treated more than 5 Lac persons in the country. Out of which 50% is free medical consultation and treatment. Published a wonderful health book for humanity by Name HOLISTIC MEDICINE FOR 99 DISEASES

I have presented scientific papers in Homeopathy and Acupuncture systems in many national and international Congress. Visited Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, China and Korea in connection with his academic career. Due to his continuous effort Tamilnadu Government approved and started Tamilnadu Acupuncture Council to register all qualified Acupuncturists. This is the first recognized council in Asia.

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