About IHMA


The Indian Holistic Medical Academy was established in the year 1990 to promote and implement the idea and goal “Health for all in 2000 AD, by W.H.O.

World health organization in the year 1962 at Alma Ata declared “Health for all” by the year 2000 has indicated that all the various methods of health treatment practiced in all the Countries considered for use to maintain the standards of public health.

  • IHMA is the foremost institution in the India in the promotion of Holistic Medicine
  • IHMA is the only institution properly registered and approved by Govt of Tamilnadu and India.
  • IHMA is the first institution affiliated with universities in aboard.
  • IHMA having very good networking with all the members of the Academy in India and other countries.
  • Diploma and Degree issued by IHMA is legally valid in India and in all countries for practice and Employment
  • IHMA formed the Tamilnadu Acupuncture Council, the first in Asia to protect and regularize Acupuncture Practitioners.
  • IHMA is the first institution recognized by Government of India by releasing a special postage cover and cancellation during Tenth Anniversary of IHMA.
  • IHMA is the first Institution in the world to get ISO Certificate in Holistic Medicine.